I am Graży, the founder of Lighthouse Courses! I am an artist and a passionate traveller. Originally I come from Warsaw in Poland, but for the half of my life I live in Cologne, Germany. I have graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and shortly after my final exams I moved to Berlin, and finally to Cologne, where I enjoy my life with two teenage daughters. Working as a freelance illustrator for many years, I have recently shifted the focus into painting. Nature, in a broad sense, is the subject that inspires me the most.
I feel that every creative activity eventually flows into one big sea of the artistic expression. This “big sea” continously creates new waves that encourage me to keep on experimenting, be spontaneous, and try new paths – in my art, as well in my life.


Travelling and exploring new places is an essential creative factor. It’s my curiousity that thankfully pushes me out of the comfort zone and even the certain restlessness that causes the desire of being “on the move”. Combined the two I quickly understood the vision of creative-and-exciting-art-tours simply needs to happen!

The idea of LIGHTHOUSE COURSES came to me two years ago, on a more unexpected trip to the south Portugal. I was fascinated by the beauty of the place and spend my time, as usuall, sketching the magnificent spots around. I believe you emerge way deeper into the surronding when “documenting” it in visual way. And, even if I constantly take countless pictures with my phone – eventually I much better remember the place after creating my own memory of it, with simplest tools, on paper. This visual summary contains all the impressions I have been breathing in while staying on a certain location – just by creating my own interpretation of the place.

That’s how ADVENTURE completes the idea of an ART course. The experience of active exploring the place sets the freedom in the creative process. You will learn to make quick and defined visual notes of the special place, recording your experiences and focusing on the “way” rather than the finished piece of art.

And this makes the LIGHTHOUSE courses unique!

To see more of my works please see the website:
Grażyna Ostrowska



On our path of creative & adventurous events we join people who connect with and support us, contribute to the project and make it so special. Some just inspire us and motivate in being creative, with others we have even common visions and share the ethusiasm.
Then “Shared happiness is double happiness” 🙂

From friends to friends, let me hereby introduce:


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